IntelliJ IDEA Dark Theme

IntelliJ IDEA is a powerful Java IDE written by JetBrains. It comes with a dark UI theme called Darcula along with its own editor scheme as seen in the following screenshot:

IntelliJ IDEA Darcula Theme

The Darcula theme and editor scheme in IntelliJ IDEA.

Darcula can begin to feel bland at times if you use the IDE often, so I searched for another dark UI theme and discovered Material Theme. Its default theme along with its own editor scheme offers a selective contrast similar to the widely known Solarized editor scheme. It also comes with a darker and lighter version of Material Theme that you can switch to.

IntelliJ IDEA Material Theme

Material Theme’s default theme and editor scheme.

Additionally, Material Theme supports JetBrain’s other products, including PyStorm, PhpStorm, and WebStorm to name a few. I use PhpStorm as my PHP IDE of choice and I combine Material Theme with an editor scheme inspired by Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2015 with tweaks to the font style and line number color.

PhpStorm with Material Theme & Visual Studio 2015 Editor Scheme

PhpStorm with Material Theme and Visual Studio 2015 editor scheme.

What theme and editor scheme do you use for your JetBrains IDE? Leave a comment to let me know.